Tuesday, February 28, 2017

New Bikes 4 Orphans Website!


We would like to announce that we have a new website at onebicyclefoundation.org . We will continue posting blog posts on our new website. However, please like us on Facebook to read about our most recent news.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Matungu Community Delivery in Kenya!


We are thrilled to announce that 20 bikes were delivered to the girls of the Matungu Community Development Charity in Kenya on Sunday (07/17). These bikes will give these girls the tools necessary to go to school in a safer and faster way. They will no longer be vulnerable to harassment on the streets. We would like to thank Focus on Children Now for their unconditional support. We would also like to thank The Pollination Project for helping us with the delivery and connecting us with Vincent and Evans, who run the community charity and help the girls all year long. Also, a thank you to World Bicycle Relief for helping us deliver the 20 bicycles safely and efficiently as well as donating an additional bicycle And last but not least, thank you to all our supporters and donors who believe in us and the power bicycles have in changing lives.

To date, we have donated 225 bicycles!

PLEASE consider donating to us again if you believe in our cause. Visit FCN website: http://focusonchildrennow.org/donate/ and under "AIM" after the payment page, please write "Bikes 4 Orphans". All donations are tax-deductable. We are currently low on funds until our next bike a-thon fundraiser in the late fall.

We have also received some pictures. More to follow soon!

Amazing Documentary about Orphans

We just finished watching an awesome documentary, On the Way to School. It highlights the exact issue we are striving to solve which is that children across the world are walking extreme distances through daunting terrain just to receive an education. I encourage everyone to check it out as it gives you deep insight into the lives of these kids.
You can find it on Netflix and iTunes.
Check out the trailer here:

Monday, May 9, 2016

$1000 Donation!

We are thrilled to announce that Riedon Inc. has donated $1000 to Bikes 4 Orphans. Reidon Inc has been a strong supporter of Bikes 4 Orphans in the past like sponsoring our first Bike-a-thon. With the $1000 we will be able to buy and deliver 8 bicycles to send to our next orphanage (stay tuned for the announcement). Donations like this mean that people understand the power bicycles have in helping the lives of orphans around the world. We are blessed to have supporters like them. Thank you all!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Meet the kids who received bikes from Uganda delivery

Some new photos from our Uganda delivery from Ebenezer Children's Ministry. These kids were chosen because of how far they have to walk to school, some walk 3.5 mile each way to get to school. We were introduced to this orphanage by Mr. Ford from his organization, Man Up and Go. We would like to thank Mr. Ford for connecting us to these well deserved kids and joining us in changing these orphans' lives forever.
Also thanks to World Bicycle Relief for helping us with 
the logistics.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


We are excited to report that the bicycles arrived at Ebenezer Orphanage in Uganda‬ per our plan. Thanks to the World Bicycle Relief team for delivering them on time and assembling them on site.
Ebenezer orphanage's kids walk on average 2.5miles each day to go to school! Now 16 kids are able to go to school faster and in a safer, less tiring way. These bicycles‬ will definitely change their lives for the better. They can also use these bicycles to make additional money and seek employment further away from their orphanage. We can't wait until we receive their letters and share them with you.
This could not have happened without your financial support. We hope you will continue to support us. Please visit the Focus on Children Now website and consider donating. Bicycle cost is anywhere from $120 to $200 each depending on the location. 100% of your donation goes toward purchasing these bikes. 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Next Delivery, Uganda

We have great news!
We have identified and qualified our next orphanage to receive ‪#‎bicycles‬. The next delivery will be to an orphanage in Uganda. This will mean we have delivered 252 bicycles to 6 countries
As we post this news, the bikes are currently being delivered from Kenya to Uganda. As with our previous deliveries, we purchased the bikes from World Bicycle Relief and they handled the logistics of delivering and assembling the bikes at the orphanage. 
Stay tuned for photos!
Thank you all for your support, we could not have done this without all our generous donors and supporters.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Ethiopia Delivery Update

"The right charity changes the world, just as it changes us when we engage with it." - Seth Godin
We are happy to share some new photos from the Community of St. John Orphanage in Ethiopia. Since the delivery this past summer, the kids have not only been able to use the bikes to get to school but also been able to travel further to find jobs.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Congratulations Boaz!

One of the orphans, Boaz from Zimbabwe, who received a bike in the latest delivery has been selected as Junior Mayor of Ruwa Town Council. We are honored to be able to help a person like Boaz.

Here are a few words from the Director of the orphanage where Boaz resides.

       "They have believed the word of God which has made them become undaunted and fearless by climbing  barricades which would otherwise prevent them from clinching such posts."