Tuesday, January 22, 2013

$1350 raised and $2850 left to go

This is our new logo courtesy 
of Crank LA Clothing Store.
 Bikes4orphans.com is
 currently  under  construction 
and will be completed in  3 weeks
Wow! I am very pleased to say that because of the generosity of many people we have raised $1350 dollars and are one-third of the way completed. Thank you to all my supporters, I could not have done this without you. You have all changed the lives of these very deserving orphans. I can not wait to go to Kenya and show all the pictures of the orphans that now have the ability to go to school and a new sense of independence and hope because of your generosity. Remember that you can donate on the Machao Orphanage website if you click the link here.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Grandpa's donation

My beloved Grandpa passed away last Saturday  The night before he died he called me into his room to donate $200 to my project to donate 42 bicycles to the orphans at the Machao Orphanage in Kenya. He was very supportive of me and I want to dedicate this project to him as well as all the orphans. Throughout his life, he has constantly helped others in need, he is my inspiration and during his last day he did one more good deed before passing away. Rest in peace Grandpa.