Friday, September 20, 2013

First Annual Fundraising Event for Bikes 4 Orphans

We are so excited to publish our flyer for the October 26, 2013 Bike-a-thon / Hike-a-thon. Bring your family, friends, neighbors and pets! Lets transform an orphan's life!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I am honored to see another media coverage of our project. Thank you Pasadena Now! 

Keep in mind that our 1st annual fundraiser is on Oct 26 in Glendale Ca.  It's a bike-a-thon & hike-a-thon event and the whole family is invited.  Flyer will be posted soon.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Orphans at the Machao Orphanage Riding their bicycles!

Check out the orphans at the Machao Orphanage riding their bikes. They were extremely happy and their lives have been forever changed. This is the power of bicycles!

Click on the link for the Youtube video:

Bikes 4 Orphan on LA Times!

This has been an exciting week for Bikes 4 Orphans. LA Times decided to run our story from the Glendale News-press article because it had gained so much popularity!

Once again, we would like to invite people to come participate at our bike-a-thon/hike-a-thon on October 26, 2013 at the Glendale Sports Complex.

Thank you for all your support!

LA Times article here:,0,5860133.story

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Thanks Glendale News Press for Covering Bikes 4 Orphans Project.

We are honored to be mentioned in the Glendale News-press. We hope that this raises more awareness for Bikes 4 Orphans and orphans around the world who are in need of bicycles to gain an access to education and other necessities.

We also hope that the community will support our hike-a-thon and bike-a-thon at the Glendale Sports Complex on October 26, 2013.

Check out the article here:,0,2304158.story

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bikes 4 Orphans made it into the local news!

I am thrilled to see that our local newspaper, CV Weekly, felt our story is a worthy news to be included in their print edition.  I am hoping more teenagers will see this and get inspired to act.  Thank you CV Weekly!

The group’s beginnings stem from a conversation between Bazikian and Dr. Carolyn Rowley, the director of the Machao Orphanage. He learned of the children’s struggle to get to school, and vowed to provide the orphanage with the bicycles they needed.
“I knew that there was no going back and that I had to do everything in my power to keep my promise,” explained Bazikian. “We made a promise and you have to keep your promises. I had to man up. It was a serious promise that I made and I wasn’t going to let 43 kids down.”

Read complete article here: